How Do I Get a Quote?
Online, e-mail

Can you bill?
Yes, request it before ordering.

What Banks Can I Pay?
You can make your payment online or at BBVA Bancomer.

Do I have to notify them that I made the payment?
Yes, you can do it via:  e-mail

What are your tax information and the account to make my payment?
All this data is part of the quote we send you.

Payment Methods
Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer.

I live in Tijuana how do I make my payment?
By Bank Deposit

I am abroad How do I pay?
International customers pay for: Bank Transfer, and Visa.

We ship to the whole Mexican Republic, United States and Rest of the World.

How much does a national mail cost?
Due to the great variety of our products, it is necessary to know the volume and weight of your order.

If I am in Tijuana do I pay shipping charges?
No, in Tijuana you can receive your order in our branch or in special cases home delivery.

More Doubts?
Contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.